• Sannam / S4 / 334

  • Teja / S17 / Super Hot

  • Byadgi / Wrinkle

  • 273 / Semi-Wrinkle

  • Mundu / Round Chilli

  • Yellow Chilli / White Chilli

  • Chilli Flakes / Crushed Chilli

  • Grounded Chilli Powder

  • Sannam / S4 / 334

  • Teja / S17 / Super Hot



INDIA is the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of chillies in the world. India also has the largest area under chillies in the world. Chillies are the most common spice cultivated in India. It is estimated that India produced approx 1.4 Million Tons of dry chilli.

Chillies are valued principally for their high pungency and color. Almost all the states of India produce the crop. The major Indian Chilli growing states are Andhra Pradesh (57%), Karnataka (12%), Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. Indian Chilli can be grown during the entire year at one or the other part of the country. However, the major arrival season extends from February to April.

We at SRIJAN, export Indian Dried Red Chilli to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Backed by a vast experience and big history of success, we know what it takes to supply the appropriate quality of Red Chilli. We believe that our in-depth knowledge ensures high product quality, competitive prices and greater service reliability. We go by highly ethical and transparent practices throughout the process, and by virtue of that we are touted as one of the most reliable Red Chilli suppliers.

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