• Sannam / S4 / 334

  • Teja / S17 / Super Hot

  • Byadgi / Wrinkle

  • 273 / Semi-Wrinkle

  • Mundu / Round Chilli

  • Yellow Chilli / White Chilli

  • Chilli Flakes / Crushed Chilli

  • Grounded Chilli Powder

  • Sannam / S4 / 334

  • Teja / S17 / Super Hot



We take pride to introduce ourselves as dedicated and committed Direct Supplier of Dry Red Chilli and Chilli Powder from the leading chilli supplying place of the Asia which is known as GUNTUR, India. The professional team and supporting staffs of our corporation are highly motivated and enthusiastic, and fully conversant in English, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese.

We are engaged in a wide spectrum of international businesses operation, and SRIJAN COMMERCIAL PVT LTD., is one of our GROUP OF COMPANIES in KOLKATA. The following are member companies in our GROUP OF COMPANIES:-

1. Smitabh Intercon Ltd. and
2. Radha Raman Spices

Two Major Considerations
Our first major consideration is Reliability. It’s critical to now if a foreign supplier can consistently then supply a quality product on time before you even think about issuing a purchase order. Any order that deviates from the contracted specifications and quality will result in the non-delivery within the contracted time for shipment. A delay in your supplier’s delivery can cause a lost profit and may hurt your reputation as an importer. Such a delay may result in shipment rescheduling, issuing another letter of credit (L/C), or amending the L/C. In both cases, it means additional bank charges and loss of time for you. Another problem with unreliable delivery from your supplier is the possible cancellation of the order from your domestic buyer.

Our second major consideration is Reputation. We are delighted to have the opportunity of demonstrating and introducing to our valued business partners our approach and co-operation in conducting efficient, cost-effective, reliable and reputable business dealings.
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